Construction Defect – Construction Litigation Attorney San Antonio

Construction Defect – Construction Litigation Attorney San Antonio

There is a lot to consider when handling cracks in slabs, finishing issues, or improperly painted surfaces. Contact an attorney today to help you understand what your next step should be.Construction Defect – Construction Litigation Attorney San Antonio

Deteriorating Wood Trim

Water can be a destructive agent if the right environment exists. For example, if you have building issues that include a leaky roof that is leaking water into the wall it can be deteriorating wood trim on the inside of the wall. This construction defect can also be a result of moisture. If there is enough water that can cause dampness to the wall, deteriorating wood trim is inevitable. The mess water issues can create can be quite overwhelming and quite costly to fix. You have to understand that the root cause in this example is a leaky roof. How did this happen? Did the builder use a contractor that did not have the experience to build a proper roof? Did this contractor use substandard building material that he picked or was picked by the builder? more on this website

Unfortunately, builders sometimes cut corners. The goal is to get the house built on time and under budget. This pressure can cause the builder to make choices that may become costly to the homeowner in the future. Your objective should be to get your house fixed and livable if excessive water issues occur. But along the way it is crucial that you take lots of notes, keep all documents, and take lots of pictures. It may be too early to tell who is liable for the cost of repairs, so it is important that you have documentation if it is found that it was indeed the fault of the builder.

Exterior Wood Surfaces Not Painted

Water issues can seep into a home and affect the integrity of the interior surface. But water and moisture can also affect exterior wood surfaces not painted. This could include window shutters, decks, and patios. If water sits and does not have proper drainage on the exterior of a house it can adversely affect the exterior wood surfaces not painted like a porch. When a builder decides to include such exterior wood structures like decks or porches, he must keep in mind any factors that may damage the deck. This also means that leaving exterior wood surfaces not painted can ultimately be detrimental to the integrity of the structure.

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