Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Lawsuits Dallas

Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Lawsuits Dallas

Very often, medical malpractice cases are never filed due to the attachment patients have to their doctors. Patients place a huge amount of faith and trust in the doctor’s abilities and decision-making skills and patients don’t want to admit that an error on the part of the doctor accounts for their pain and suffering, or for the avoidable loss of a loved one.medical malpractice - wrongful death attorneys
Since the primary role of doctors and other medical professionals is to work every day to save lives, many patients feel guilty about placing blame when something goes wrong. However, things do go wrong and when mistakes are made that can affect the rest of your life, you need to consult with a medical malpractice attorney.

Medical malpractice cases present specific challenges. For example, Texas medical malpractice tort reform has placed a limit on the amount of damages that you can receive for the loss of your loved one due to medical malpractice. In these situations, while working to hold the medical professional accountable for his actions, our firm will also be trying to identify the involvement of any other parties that might be responsible. More on this website @

This is done due to the fact that limits are not placed on the amount of compensation that can be received from other liable parties. Due to the amount of work involved in these types of wrongful death cases, many Texas attorneys choose not to accept medical malpractice claims. Medical malpractice attorneys with our Law Firms welcome the opportunity to work diligently so that you can be in a position to receive full and fair compensation for the loss of your loved one and so that similar instances of medical malpractice by the same negligent medical professional will not occur.

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Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Many individuals who get involved in auto accidents want to obtain settlement loans. Furthermore, they wonder if their claims are of any value. Many individuals involved in auto accidents sustain injuries that result in neck pain. The question is, “What is the cause of that pain?”

Unfortunately, many individuals who are involved in auto accidents conclude that merely because another vehicle struck them that the other driver will be found liable for injuries sustained. However, this is often not the case. Even in those cases in which a driver’s vehicle was struck from the rear poses some challenges when it comes time to make any determination as to where liability should be correctly assigned.personal injury law

Due to the fact that there has been such an increase in litigation in our society, many insurance carriers will assert that the incident occurred as a result of a “jack-rabbit start.” This is an incident in which one driver abruptly moves forward and equally abruptly applies his/her brakes. The principal purpose of this maneuver is, as is often assumed, to intentionally cause the vehicle from the rear to strike the front vehicle. Assuming that the facts of the case are clearly established, one may rest assured that settlement loans will not be forthcoming in such fraudulent cases. (One should also take note of the fact that such actions, once discovered, may result in criminal prosecution.)

If you are involved in a car wreck and experience a neck injury, you are encouraged to seek medical attention without delay. Rarely is it advisable to settle a claim prior to seeing a medical provider if any injuries are sustained in an auto collision? The potential for harm when tons of metal collide is substantial.

Both providers and patients are frequently placed in a no-win situation in such cases. It is certainly prudent to balance cost-containment measures with best practices. However, it is unwise to place the payer’s interests ahead of the patient’s. If neither an MRI nor a CT scan is obtained, the payer will assert that no substantial injury occurred, as is evidenced by the fact that no such imaging was obtained. If either an MRI or a CT scan is obtained, the payer will allege that it was not medically necessary. If either an MRI or a CT scan is obtained and substantial findings are noted, the payer will allege that such findings were preexisting.

First and foremost, if you sustain injuries to your neck as a result of an auto collision, I would encourage you to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. The longer the delay between the date on which the auto collision occurs and the date on which you seek medical attention, the more forcefully the insurance carrier will allege that no actual injuries were sustained. (Not to mention the fact that the longer the delay, the greater the likelihood of a protracted course of recovery. Additionally, some life-threatening conditions may be identified that would have been missed without the assistance of a qualified healthcare provider’s assessment.)

Naturally, the insurance carrier will argue that a delay in seeking care suggests that the injuries were either mild or nonexistent. Additionally, insurance carriers will allege that the care sought was principally attorney-directed. There is little to be gained by prolonging the first visit to a qualified healthcare provider following a car wreck.

In addition to seeking competent legal counsel, something which is absolutely essential for those wishing to obtain settlement loans, it will be very important for them to find healthcare providers who are knowledgeable in the assessment of injuries arising from auto collisions.

Bear in mind, general practitioners are customarily not very helpful in making a determination as to the extent and severity of injury sustained as a result of a car wreck.

Family physicians expect to get paid for services performed. Justifiably so! Patients don’t like to pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses, especially when they feel that someone else is responsible for those injuries. This is understandable! However, most major medical insurance policies specifically exclude care and treatment of injuries arising from car wrecks.accident attorneys

Such omissions make it very easy for the insurance carrier, once the insurance carrier obtains the medical records, to present a very persuasive argument before the jury that you went to a medical provider following the auto collision and the physician made absolutely no mention of the fact that you sustained injuries as a result of that auto collision. In fact, there’s absolutely no mention of the auto collision whatsoever.

The foregoing is not intended to cast aspersions upon family physicians. It is true that most family physicians are honest individuals who deal with a great deal of integrity on a day-to-day basis. However, having reviewed thousands of cases over the years, from essentially all over the United States, such omissions are so patent as to make this assertion undeniable from my perspective.

Yes, those individuals who seek to obtain settlement loans following auto collisions due to the fact that they sustained injuries that resulted in neck pain are encouraged to seek competent legal counsel and competent medical attention as quickly as possible. There are many factors at stake, about which the vast majority of individuals involved in these auto accidents are totally clueless. You enhance your chances for a favorable settlement by following up with a medical provider as quickly as possible, a medical provider who is capable of assessing both the nature and extent of injuries sustained.

Learn more about getting lawsuit funding. Stop by our site where you can find out all about the benefits of obtaining settlement loans and what they can do for you.

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Construction Defect – Construction Litigation Attorney San Antonio

Construction Defect – Construction Litigation Attorney San Antonio

There is a lot to consider when handling cracks in slabs, finishing issues, or improperly painted surfaces. Contact an attorney today to help you understand what your next step should be.Construction Defect – Construction Litigation Attorney San Antonio

Deteriorating Wood Trim

Water can be a destructive agent if the right environment exists. For example, if you have building issues that include a leaky roof that is leaking water into the wall it can be deteriorating wood trim on the inside of the wall. This construction defect can also be a result of moisture. If there is enough water that can cause dampness to the wall, deteriorating wood trim is inevitable. The mess water issues can create can be quite overwhelming and quite costly to fix. You have to understand that the root cause in this example is a leaky roof. How did this happen? Did the builder use a contractor that did not have the experience to build a proper roof? Did this contractor use substandard building material that he picked or was picked by the builder? more on this website

Unfortunately, builders sometimes cut corners. The goal is to get the house built on time and under budget. This pressure can cause the builder to make choices that may become costly to the homeowner in the future. Your objective should be to get your house fixed and livable if excessive water issues occur. But along the way it is crucial that you take lots of notes, keep all documents, and take lots of pictures. It may be too early to tell who is liable for the cost of repairs, so it is important that you have documentation if it is found that it was indeed the fault of the builder.

Exterior Wood Surfaces Not Painted

Water issues can seep into a home and affect the integrity of the interior surface. But water and moisture can also affect exterior wood surfaces not painted. This could include window shutters, decks, and patios. If water sits and does not have proper drainage on the exterior of a house it can adversely affect the exterior wood surfaces not painted like a porch. When a builder decides to include such exterior wood structures like decks or porches, he must keep in mind any factors that may damage the deck. This also means that leaving exterior wood surfaces not painted can ultimately be detrimental to the integrity of the structure.

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